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WEconnect is leading the market.

M.V., National Treatment Center

I wish I had this last time. I wouldn’t have relapsed if I had this app. My family would’ve known I got off track, instead I just kept saying I was going to my meetings.

C.O., Residential Treatment Center Patient

I continue to be a big believer in what you’re doing with WEconnect and think it’s one of the best solutions out there of its kind.

T.K., Senior Strategist at National Insurance Company

This is game-changing for the recovery world. Lives will be saved as a result.

R.R., Treatment Center Employee

Three factors contribute to a successful recovery: Accountability, Structure and Support. WEconnect provides all three.

A.A., Outpatient Counselor

I absolutely love this app and love you for bringing it to my recovery world.

L.N., Outpatient Client